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Soul Mates and Twin Flames are meant for the Age of Aquarius, not for mainstream society in the Age of Pisces. 

Now that mainstream society made soul mates ordinary, Soul Mates are considered a lower quality than a twin flame. But in reality, it is the Karmic Common relationship that must be understood as a lower quality!

Over the past 8 years, the Twin Flame connection has morphed into a lesser version. Here is a guide to understand the authentic vs. the bastardized concept that the uninitiated just made up. 



This is a Spiritual Path, First and Foremost.
Understands their spiritual essence, and knows this spiritual essence is a spark of the Transcendent.-This is called being awakened.

Self-knowledge is the rule, not the exception. Understanding the soul's passion and purpose is a must.

Understands there isn't any so called stages, but preparation (self-knowledge), and the process of awakening to their own soul, and the connection.

Understands their soul is connected to a soul group. Therefore, Soul Mates are indescribably connected, to their soul.

There is common (karmic) love and celestial (soul mates, twin flame) love.

The runner and chaser is a psychological issue, that must be addressed and transcended individually. 

Synchronicity is a bridge between the known and the unknown.

Understands numbers are symbols.

projection-the world of opposites. 

Soul Mates and Twin Flames complete each other at the level of the soul, not the ego.

Understands Ascension is making the merger of ego and soul, to become spiritually full with the Transcendent Nameless force.

Understands the higher realm of Tantric Sex. A sacred act to further ascend toward the Transcendent. 

They are awakened to their soul, therefore they understand, Reincarnation.

They understand Karma, and they know it is their responsibility to set it right. They know Karma is the obstacle that is preventing them to be together. 

All parties involved are aware of the connection. 



This is a Twin Flame Path-very attached to the Twin Flame concept. Not interested in being on a spiritual journey. -This is called being informed, not awakened. 

Does not take self-knowledge seriously. Does not adhere to their soul's passion and purpose. 

Made up the so called Twin Flame stages, with absolutley no preparation on their part.They naively know for sure they are connected without the process of awakening to their own soul, and the connection. 

Does not understand and is not interested in a soul group. Therefore, Soul Mates are seen as ordinary.

Cannot distinguish between common vs. celestial love- so they made up the false and catalyst twin flame, that doesn't exist. 

A corrupted idea of a runner and chaser as an indication of a Twin Flame connection. 

Numbers are taken too seriously as Synchronicity; 
does not imply an indication of a Twin Flame connection.

Does not understand projection, and takes it to mean the opposites 
complete each other. 

Does not understand the difference between the ego and soul.

Understands Ascension to mean, only being aware of the higher dimensions. 

Does not understand Tantric Sex.

Reincarnation is not really understood.

They don't understand Karma, and they have no intention of understanding. 

All parties involved are not aware of the connection.


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