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"This book is for anyone who believes that our spiritual connections extend far beyond the lives we lead in the present."

"This book totally captured the love of two people who were destined for each other."

Three Soul Mates had a past life love of horses and fox hunting in Yorkshire, England, and Reincarnated in the south shore of Long Island, New York for their love of horses and racing ...


Horse racing arrived in North America from England in the year 1665. The south shore of Long Island, New York is the home of New Market racecourse.

A Mystical Love Story, Embedded In The Sport of Horse Racing

May The "Eyes" Of My Story, Be A Window To Your Own Authentic Soul Mate Experience.

Inspired by the amazing true saga of a champion jockey and a genuine soul love. As soon as Chris and Serena lock eyes, their souls recognize one another.

She is spellbound by him, and he is mesmerized by her. Eternity shines through time in their presence. They wake each other up to the caress of a spiritual love, penetrating deep within them. Their charismatic connection goes beyond an ordinary attraction. It is the deep-seated understanding each of us are fated and destined to experience.

In Celebration of Charismatic Connection...



"You will enjoy reading this book to the end and learn something about yourself as well. Hat's off to Serena Jade! Pick up a copy today. I was given this book by Smith Publicity Inc."- Maryanne Koopmann (Book Reviewer) - Reviews for, and


"Charismatic Connection is a beautifully written [story] in which the main characters are soul mates who meet again and recognize each other at a deep spiritual level long before their lives become intertwined through thoroughbred racing. They are both protagonists with deep sorrow in their immediate lives, seeking solace but constantly torn from the immediate connection and pull they felt towards each other from time immemorial. The book is truly for romantics and horse lovers, as the plot is revealed through the running of many well-known horse races and events that keep bringing the two main characters into contact with each other, in ever-deepening ways. The book is one that will keep you reading to the end,with amazing spiritual overtones in a way that will draw you in."-Bonnie Neely, Real Travel Adventures Magazine Editor


"The device of telling the twin stories of Serena Jade and Chris Antley using alternating narrators works, especially in that it creates a sense of immediacy and intimacy. Readers feel as if they have been given a unique and privileged window into the hearts and minds of two people. Experiencing the stories in this way means that by the end of the book, readers feel they truly understand the suffering both Serena and Chris have withstood, as well as your struggles to transcend the limitations and weaknesses of their less formed selves."-Francesca, CreateSpace Editor


Thank you for writing a true to form book which has a lot of didactic value about Love Connection and thrivorship.  Your insight, vision, and the way you compiled your narratives was compelling. This book so far among a sample of our readership, has expanded the consciousness and ideas of women from various social, economic and cultural backgrounds offering a sense of hope and providing an oasis of information as to how to live a life triumphantly. The ideas articulated through your prose resonate deeply within the human condition.Charismatic Connection was brought to our attention through your publicist and a randomly selected group of 20 members of our readership were assigned to choose four books out of 12 to determine ones that stood out and would appeal to our audience.  Charismatic Connection is truly one of a C A T A G O R Y of its own. Your passion and dedication inspires me.- Joslyn Wolfe, Publisher of Focus on Women Magazine.

"This movie totally captured the love of two people who were destined for each other... This book totally captured the love of two people who were destined for each other. As just as important, it is their love of horses that binds them in a story that shows the human spirit overcoming all major difficulties and disappointments. You can really feel the soul searching that each of them went through. And, in addition, this is a true story -- and it is incredibly uplifting! And for the horse lovers, it takes you deep into the workings of the all the major race tracks -- Del Mar, Santa Anita, Keeneland, Aqueduct, Saratoga -- and some that are no longer around -- like Garden State Racetrack.. It has a feel of "Secretariat" and "Seabiscuit", and you will end up pulling for them both!"-Beth Hegedus


"In this riveting true story Serena Jade puts together a road map of how to connect the dots to a true soul mate experience. Throughout this extremely well written non-fictional story the reader is forced to answer the question are these experiences coincidence or fate? The answer was clearly fate when Serena Jade went to Greece and all of the pieces of the puzzle came together. This was crystallized when she was drawn to turning on the TV to watch Chris Antley win the 1999 Kentucky Derby on the horse Charismatic. If you want to understand the true soul mate experience, Charismatic Connection is a must read."-Craig Heller

I have just begun reading this book, and wow! I cannot wait to read more and see how it all ends. It is very readable and enjoyable. I am inspired to travel to these places. As a writer and artist I deeply appreciate the honesty of this book. To read a bit about me, [...] Thank you Serena Jade for your lovely book. I will post another entry when I finish reading your book.Finished the!"-Frank Landfield



"This book is for anyone who believes that our spiritual connections extend far beyond the lives we lead in the present. Set against the beautiful, world-wide locations of her extensive travels. Jade links myths and dreams to real life and explores the meaning of all three. Part allegory, part-crossed romance and part self-discovery. Serena Jade's journey is deeply heart-felt and eye-opening."-Julie R



"Charismatic Connection is a wonderful memoir telling the stories of Serena Jade and jockey Chris Antley.If you want to meet a true soul mate, Charismatic Connection is an authentic meeting of two immortal beings. Chris and Serena's story will motivate you to understand your own personal struggles.So, you can reunite with your eternal loved ones."-Anonymous



"Jade's honesty and sincerity reveal common and sometimes painful experiences that many people share.But through this process,we find hope.Her journeys across Europe and into the ancient world become an inner pilgrimage,as well as an outer journey of pivotal experiences.At times heart breaking but ultimately uplifting, Jade digs deep in this unflinching narrative."- Anna Marie M.



"Charismatic Connection compels the reader to look inward and reconsider what he or she believes is important in developing a meaningful relationship.The liberation of the soul,the self, allows for connections that outside forces often inhibit. Although, I haven't yet journeyed to the end of this insightful book,I look forward to my time each night in the world created by Serena Jade and to "remembering my internal core." Our connections are such an important part of our happiness. I recommend this book for anyone who seeks to find a deeper meaning in relationships." - Jakesfnm.


"Charismatic Connection is a jewel of a true soul mate connection.Beautifully written,it lifts the heart to a higher plane not of this earth.Set against the backdrop of the exciting horse racing industry, it is a winner! I  recommend this book for anyone who wants to find all the pieces to his or her life and connect with another from a deep place."-  James C.


"I finished the book in two days because I couldn't put it down. It's well-written and I am just blown away by your encounters with Chris!!!! I know you once mentioned to me that he only said one word to you: "Wow!"... but I had no idea that you'd run into him in unlikely places - over and over again-- and that he'd come right up to you but be too shy to talk! That is just such a surreal story!!"-Linda T.

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