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The Authentic New Age...

Symbol for the Age of Aquarius

Carl Jung, the Godfather of the authentic New Age, declared in his book, Answer to Job that the initiation of a new age demanded, the “anamnesis” – the “remembering” – of the primordial feminine Sophia.

Sophia is Gnostic in origin and is comparable to the soul and resides in all humans, as the Divine Spark.

Do you resonate with the New Age?

The Authentic New Age is about Awakening to your Soul.


Why should you care about your soul?    


When life is full of suffering, this important aspect of oneself becomes your source of courage and strength.

My mother deemed worthy that I should be the rejected, quiet, martyr, powerless, full of shame and doubt, insignificant,

co-dependent caretaker. I was accepted by my family, only if I identified myself as the pleasing, quiet, martyr -with shame and doubt, flowing through my veins.

However, there was one aspect about me, my mother couldn’t touch, this is very common among daughters of narcissistic mothers, we find something that our mothers cannot taint. For me, this was living by my soul’s passion, following a non-conformist path. However, I did not realize at the time, what I was tapping into, obviously. But, by following my soul’s presence, I had opportunities that would require me to pursue, other than being my mother’s servant. Eventually, I would be led into psychotherapy, and my quest for wholeness would begin.


For me, my spiritual nature was well defined however, my ego needed a lot of work. My ego needed to rise to my soul, and my soul had to come down to the level of my ego. Therein lies my quest for wholeness, linking my human nature with my spiritual nature.

The spiritual journey is about transforming oneself into a whole person, linking together the ego with the intangible soul, creating- the Self.

Why should you care about being whole?

We are all going to die however, death is not to be feared but embraced. You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience, but you are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience like Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, said.

By bringing together the world of spirit and the world matter, we create a new world. In this new world, what wasn’t possible in the old world is now possible, things like: taking back our ego projections, settling our debt with (fate) karma, having an abundance of security, creating fulfillment emotionally, getting more money, getting rid of doubt and becoming empowered, but also being one with our spiritual being (our soul) and the transcendent force of the universe. Being whole means creating, material and spiritual wealth.

We also can cross paths with our Soul Mates and the Deepest Most Profound Eternal Love. While other people call it soul mates and twin flames, and just satisfy their egos, we know we are experiencing the real deal.


If you consider yourself spiritual, but not religious get initiated into the Authentic New Age today...

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