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02 - Dreamin' (Album Version)Vanessa Williams
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"Dreams arise from an inward world unknown to waking consciousness.” - Joseph Campbell

Soul Mates and the Deepest Most Profound Eternal Love are connected not of the waking mind, but of a portal into another dimension, as such, they can communicate via the royal road of dreams.


In the deep darkness of the night as you are dreaming, you are merging with your soul mates and or Deepest Most Profound Eternal Love. In your waking life, this exalted bond will be the envy of everybody that does not have this connection with their lover.

Soul Mates and the Deepest Most Profound Eternal love know they have been communicating, through their dreams and are telepathically entangled through their unconscious minds. Their souls are talking to each other, before they physically meet. Anyone who seeks a soul mate and or Deepest Most Profound Eternal Love, must believe in the connection from the soul not the ego. Soul Mates and the Deepest Most Profound Eternal Love have been given a gift, their invisible bond connects them beyond time and space.

I hope you merge with your soul mates and your Deepest Most Profound Eternal Love and have, Sweet Dreams tonight and every night.


Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist, and founder of Analytical Psychology, introduced us to the term ‘synchronicity.’ Carl Jung was inspired by Taoism’s I Ching. He saw meaningful connections between his thoughts and the world around him. He goes on to say, “If they are meaningful, how does the connection between the psychic and the physical sequence of events come about? Time and again, I encountered amazing coincidences which seemed to suggest the idea of an acausal [not arising from a cause] parallelism (a Synchronicity, as I later called it).”

Synchronicity is when two or more clusters of events are linked; the circumstances are unlikely to occur together by chance. Synchronicity is a bridge between the known and the unknown, between the conscious and unconscious, between the outer world and the inner world.


I have been writing my synchronistic occurrences, and dreams down in journals for 20 years.


It is a good idea to record your synchronistic and dream discoveries. The process of awakening to your own soul, and the souls that are close to your soul is a process. Leave this journal next to your bed, when you wake, you can jot your sleeping visions down on paper. As soon as you move around, most likely you will forget.

A Journal for Dreams and Synchronicities
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