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9 Day Tikkun Olam Retreat: Raising The Sparks In Goa, India

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For those who may not connect with the religious aspects of Judaism, exploring the path of spiritual Judaism could be an alternative.


Inspired by Tikkun Olam, the Kabbalistic concept of 'elevating the world', thru Raising the Sparks, which is about connecting to our inner spiritual essence, Serena Jade's goal is to foster peace, balance, and harmony within the body, mind, and soul through the practice of yoga.

Come Back To Your Roots


Return Your Spiritual Sparks To HaShem, And In So Doing You Reunite With The One Who Cannot Be Named.

Kabbalah refers to the reception of the secret and deeper mystical aspects of Judaism.​To quote the leading authority on the Kabbalah, Dr. Daniel Matt, “The Zohar reads the opening verse of the Torah not as “In the beginning God created” … but rather: “With beginning, [the Unnamable One] created God.” This sounds shocking or heretical. But the point is that our usual understanding of God is pretty childish. What we think of as God is only one limited aspect of the infinite divine reality, which transcends and explodes all names.

​Ultimately, God is Ein Sof, the Infinite. Most religious texts portray God almost exclusively in masculine terms. Kabbalah fills out the picture by showing that God is equally male and female: God as Father or King is balanced by the figure of Shekhinah, the feminine Divine Presence. There is a dynamic relationship between the He and She of God, and it’s up to us to unite the divine couple.”

"The coming of Moshiach will complete [the Infinite's] purpose in creation: for man to make an abode for G_d in the lower worlds-that is, to reveal the inherent spirituality in the material world. "-Rabbi Nissan Dovid Dubov

However, before "Moshiach" can redeem Israel, the Shekhinah—the divine feminine aspect within us all—must ascend and pave the path. -Amen


Are You ready to take a symbolic journey to where the Red Sea and the Gulf of Eilat meet? Are you ready to cross the Red Sea, and make an inner journey to merge your ego (Tif'eret) and Soul (Shekhinah), to give birth to the Self with a capital "S" ? The raising of our supernal sparks, begins with this psychological and mystical awareness.


Echo The Sound of Completeness In Goa, India

Om... Shalom—I recognize the sound of the universe granting me free will, to be whole, peaceful, and complete. "Om" represents the foundational sound of the universe, while "shalom" signifies peace, wellness, wholeness, and completeness. Om... Shalom embodies the sound of completeness. This journey serves as your space to merge your consciousness and self-reflect. It's where your human identity and spiritual essence unite—You complete you!

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sapphire (1).jpg

Only $999.00 US Dollars Per Person...

"Indulge In This Beautiful Retreat"

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